Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Undying Monsters #1 Available Now!

Longtime Monsters from the Vault reader David Davey began corresponding with me about three years ago about his desire to publish his own monster magazine. We've exchanged e-mails on and off since then, with me offering pointers and help whenever I could. He sent me several drafts of the first issue, I'd offer some advice, and he would work on it some more and send another draft. A few times during that period, he put the project on the back burner and even thought about giving up the idea a few times. But I always encouraged him to do it, even if it turned out to be one-shot wonder (hey, that's how MFTV started). So finally, the first issue, called the Limited Edition, premiered at the Chiller Theatre Convention in October 2010. Dave printed only 500 copies of it, and nearly 20% of the copies were damaged during shipping from the printer he used and were never replaced. So by early 2011, the issue was sold out.

Undying Monsters Limited Edition
After the success of the Limited Edition, Dave decided to press on with a full-fledged magazine. I hooked Dave up with the company near my house that prints Monsters from the Vault and offered a little help with getting the issue printed,  since when it was ready for press, Dave was relocating from California to New Jersey. The issue was printed last week and is now available for order from Dave directly on his Web site (; just click on the Sales & Contact tab when you get there. You can order an individual copy or start a subscription (Dave plans to publish quarterly).
Undying Monsters #1 (Originally Planned Cover)

Undying Monsters #1 (Actual Cover)
Also, the Limited Edition will be reprinted soon, to be called the UnLimited Edition, Issue #0. So if you missed out on the Limited Edition, you'll soon be able to grab a copy. The interior will be the same, and the cover will change only slightly.

Undying Monsters UnLimited Edition #0
For those of you who like to pick up your monster mags at your local comic book shop, Undying Monsters #1 (and future issues) will be distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors, so ask your local shop to get a copy for you. The issue should be in stores in 2-3 weeks, at the latest. Undying Monsters will also be stocked by your usual online monster sources (Creepy Classics, Scary Monsters, My Movie Monsters,, etc.). If you live in Europe, visit to order a copy and save on the high cost of shipping from the US. Dave will also be at Chiller Theatre later this month and at Monster Bash in June.

I highly recommend that if you like Monsters from the Vault, you give Undying Monsters a shot. While Dave's approach is a little different than MFTV's, I definitely think our fans will dig UM. As David says on his Web site:
"...each issue offers a trove of never-before-seen stills, an in-depth Film Book review of a 'classic' monster movie, and a host of regular features such as Brain Busters, Digital Screams, Ghoulish Games, and The Horror Of It All (originally Monster Musing). We have no plans (or desire) to cover current or future horror films (except for occasional Blu-ray/DVD releases). Our focus will always be classic horror, sci-fi, and fantasy related items, including (but not limited to) video games, models and figures, interviews, attractions, biographies, tutorials (such as do-it-yourself props and makeup), and of course films. We hope you find the format both nostalgic and entertaining."
As you can see, monster magazines in print are still alive and well, so go over to and order your copy todayand remember, "Old Monsters Never Die!"

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