Monday, April 18, 2011

The Hideous Sun Demon!

From Tom Weaver and Bear Manor Media comes the first edition their new book series, Tom Weaver Presents the Scripts from the Crypt Collection. The first book as you can see by the cover (designed by The Astounding B Monster's Marty Baumann) is on The Hideous Sun Demon. Here's more from Bear Manor Media's Web site:

In this one-of-a-kind volume, you'll learn everything under the sun about producer-director-star Robert Clarke's 1959 monster classic: Clarke's in-depth account of the making of his low-budget independent movie; reprints of TWO versions of the script, the first set in the jungles of Guatemala; the full story of Sun Demon's world premiere at a Texas drive-in; anecdotal memories of the frantic filmmaking process from nearly a dozen cast-and-crew participants; the original "Showmanship Manual"; an outline for a follow-up Sun Demon film proposed by Clarke in the 1970s; scores of rare and never-seen photographs; even an afterword from sexquisite co-star Nan Peterson! This is the first in a series of such books from longtime genre fan and chronicler Tom Weaver.

So hid over to Bear Manor Media and order your copy today. The book is just $24.95 plus postage and it ships in May! Look for info in the next book in the series soon right here.

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