Saturday, April 2, 2011

2010 Rondo Award Winners Announced!

On Wednesday, March 30, 2011, the winners of the ninth annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards were announced. I was truly surprised to find out that Monsters from the Vault had won the award for Best Magazine-Fan Market! A HUGE thanks to everyone who voted for Monsters from the Vault this year (and in the previous years) for Best Magazine! It's an honor to win the first Rondo Award for Best Magazine-Fan Market (this is the first year that the magazine category was split into two categories: Mass Market and Fan Market). Now that the magazine award is divided into two categories, it will give some of the smaller publications out there a chance to receive some Rondo glory. One look at the list of nominees for this year shows that monster magazines are alive and well, with more titles popping up each year (who says print is dead?!). So, splitting the magazine award into two categories will level the playing field and make each of the categories more competitive for years to come. Again, Marian and I are deeply honored to receive the 2010 Rondo for Best Magazine-Fan Market, and I can't wait to put it on my shelf next to our Rondo Hall of Fame Award! 

Daniel Horne's Rondo Award
Winning Best Cover of 2009!
Also, congratulations to all our fellow winners and nominees. And a SPECIAL congratulations to Tim and Donna Lucas (Video Watchdog) and Tom Weaver for their entrance into the Rondo Hall of Fameit's LONG overdue! Their contributions to the genre over the last two decades are unparalleled! And a HUGE congratulations to Daniel Horne on his third Rondo Award! Daniel has won the Best Cover Rondo Award twice, including last year's win for his striking cover of Boris Karloff from The Walking Dead, which was featured on Monsters from the Vault #26. This year, Daniel picked up the Rondo for Artist of the Year. I feel so fortunate to have Daniel painting covers for MFTV; check back here in the near future for a preview of his cover for Monsters from the Vault #29 (due in late June/early July 2011). Finally, a BIG thanks to David Colton and everyone involved with the Rondo Awards, as well as those fans who took the time to voteit's GREATLY appreciated!!!!! To see a list of all winners, go to the official Rondo Award Web site.

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