Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Home Cooking HAMMER Style!

In the fall of 2003 Gary and Svehla, publishers of Midnight Marquee decided to publish an all new, full color magazine called Movie Mystique. The focus of the magazine was women in horror films, both old and new (something similar to the once popular Femme Fatales published by the gang behind Cinefantastique).

While the magazine was in the planning stages I attended the Monster Mania Convention (the first one I believe, if not the first, the second) in Cherry Hill, NJ with Gary and Sue and several other fans from the Baltimore area. One of the ideas Sue had for the magazine was to feature a star's favorite recipe in each issue with a photo of the star to accompany it. As luck would have it, several of the stars from Hammer were there that weekend and Sue convinced them to pose for photos (which I took) for the new magazine. Unfortunately, the magazine folded after two issues and most of the photos weren't used. Fortunately, while going through some old files on my back up hard drive I came across the folder with the photos. So below for your view pleasure are a few of the shots I took. While the ladies have gotten older they're still all beautiful and extremely nice!

Caroline Munro
Veronica Carlson
Suzanna Leigh
Yvonne Monlaur

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