Thursday, June 5, 2014

MFTV #33 Delayed Until October 2014!

Unfortunately, due to the issue being so late, my purchase order with Diamond Comics (my biggest customer) was cancelled. I now must resolicit the issue with them and anyone who knows how the Diamond process works knows that it's a 4 month process. So even though the issue is a few weeks from being ready to go to press, I need to hold off on printing it until I get my new purchase order from Diamond. The reason for this is that their PO determines my print run, plus I rely on their dollars (which I receive 30 days after they receive their copies) to help pay my printing bill. MFTV #33 will be listed again in the August issue of Diamond's Previews catalog and I'll receive my new PO in September. Once that is received I'll go to press. So if you get your copy from a comic shop make sure they're aware that #33 is being resolicited and that they reorder it for you. Bottom-line, Monsters from the Vault #33 will premiere at the October Monster Bash Convention (October 10-12, 2014) in Mars, PA. For everyone who had already preordered the issue, thanks, and sorry for the long, long, delay.