Monday, May 23, 2011

Out of Commission Again!

Just a note to anyone placing an order for issues of Monsters from the Vault between now and June 20th, I'll be out of town on an extended business for my real job during this period so no orders will be processed until I return. However, I will be blogging from my hotel while I'm on the road so keep checking back!

Also, I hope to see many of you at Monster Bash at the end of June! I'll be there with two tables of monster goodies so make sure you stop by and say hi.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Hammer Busts!

Coming from Titan Merchandise are some really cool Hammer Busts. The likenesses are great and I can't wait to add these to my collection.

New Hammer Busts
Christopher Lee as Count Dracula
Peter Cushing as Van Helsing
Ingrid Pitt as Countess Dracula
Dracula Close-up

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shock! Theater Reviewed

Read a new review of our sold out book, Shock! Theater: An Illustrated History at the blog Titans, Terrors and Toys. The book which was published in 2001 quickly sold out and I've considered reprinting it several times over the years since then. If this ever happens you'll read about it first here. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Undying Monsters #0

Here's the updated cover for Dave Davey's new Special UnLimited Edition of Undying Monsters. This is a reprint of the Limited Edition that appeared in October 2010. The interior is pretty much the same (with a few tweaks), but the issue features a new cover. Since the Limited Edition only had a print run of 500, you may have missed out on it, but you now can complete your run with the new Unlimited Edition. The issue will be out in June.

Photo of the Week!

Hey, we all have a guilty pleasure or two!

Diabolique Magazine

Along with Undying Monsters, there's another new magazine on the market that I urge you to give a try. Diabolique magazine began as an online publication titled Horror Unlimited in September of 2010. The magazine was published by Horror Unlimited and was a available at their Web site as a free download. Starting with issue #2 the magazine was available as both a downloadable version (for a fee or as part of a subscription) or as a print version.

I decided to give the magazine a try and I'm extremely happy I did. The full-color magazine is beautifully designed and well written. Publisher Dima Ballin and Editor Robert J. E. Simpson have hit the ground running and have produced a wonderful magazine from the get go. While definitely not a classic horror magazine in the style of Monsters from the Vault, each issue covers Hammer (both old and new) along with other films from the 60s until present day. As they're motto says:
The magazine that challenges our understanding of Gothic Horror in film, literature, history, and art. Diabolique magazine is as challenging as it is entertaining.
So if you're a fan of Gothic and Euro Horror, I urge you to go to Horror Unlimited and order your copy of Diabolique magazine today! Diabolique is published bi-monthy. (Be aware that since the magazine covers not only Hammer, but Euro Horror also, there's a limited amount nudity in the issues. However, it's no more than you'll find in an issue of Little Shoppe of Horrors.)

Poster of the Week!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Monsters from the Vault #29!

Monsters from the Vault enters its 16th year with issue #29! Daniel Horne's wonderful painting of the Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula is featured on the cover. The issue's main feature is a detailed examination of both versions of Dracula released in 1931; Tod Browning's version which featured Bela Lugosi in his first starring role, and George Melford's Spanish language version that was filmed at night at the same time as Browning's utilizing the same sets and a Spanish cast. Also featured in the issue is Tom Weaver's interview with actor Ed Nelson. Nelson discusses his 1958 film, The Brain Eaters. Finally, Steven Thornton looks at what might have been in his feature, "What If—Alternate Castings in Classic Horror Films." Imagine Lon Chaney Sr. as Count Dracula, Bela Lugosi as the Frankenstein Monster, Boris Karloff as the Invisible Man. These and many other possibilities are examined in Steve's article. In addition, editorial comments, letters to the editor, DVD/CD/book reviews, and a few surprises await you in this issue. The issue is available for preorder now by going to and will ship in July 2011.

Photo of the Week!

Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm Back and the Wait is Almost Over!

I'm back from my extended business trip and I'm working in the lab on the new issue of Monsters from the Vault. Look for the cover for issue #29 to be unveiled here on May 9th. All outstanding MFTV orders will ship in Monday's mail. Also, a quick recommendation of the film Stake Land which I caught OnDemand recently. The film is not yet in theaters (and will most likely be a very limited release), but if you like vampire films I recommend you check it out. The film was recently featured in Rue Morgue #109. 

Also, Tom Weaver's newest book, The Horror Hits of Richard Gordon, is now available from Bear Manor Media. Richard is a longtime friend of mine and has read Monsters from the Vault from the beginning and has written many letters to the editor over the years. Also, he has been the subject of several articles written by Tom Weaver for MFTV. Here's a description of the book from Bear Manor Media's Web site:

What does Producer: RICHARD GORDON mean to you?

If you're a fan of classic horror films, you know he's the only living producer to have worked with the genre's most valuable players Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosinot to mention the Fiend Without a Face, the First Man Into Space and other black-and-white beasties of the Fabulous Fifties.

If you take your fright flicks on the ghastlier side, you remember his more gory goblins, from the Silicates on the Island of Terror to the mad slasher of the Tower of Evil, and the interstellar shocks delivered by Inseminoid.

A master of both worlds, Richard Gordon has been a behind-the-scenes titan of terror for over a half-century, collaborating during his years of active production (1956-1981) with some of the field's most formidable names: Boris and Bela, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, Michael Gough, Terence Fisher and more. Go on a film-by-film excursion through his cinematic chamber of horrors in this definitive book-length interview....

The book is now available and can be ordered by going to Bear Manor Media's Website. And while you're there pick up a  copy of The Hideous Sun Demon (also available now). Have a good weekend and check back on Monday for the cover of Monsters from the Vault #29!

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