Saturday, October 5, 2013

Monsters from the Vault #33 Cover Preview!

Many of you saw a work-in-progress version of the cover for Monsters from the Vault #33 inside the back cover of MFTV #32, however, I just received the finished version (two actually) today. Now that the magazine is coming to an end I wanted to offer someone who's contributed a great deal to Monsters from the Vault over the years to finally have their work featured on the cover. It just so happened that Kerry Gammill's style was the perfect fit for the subject matter I wanted to feature on the cover. So below is my favorite of the two slightly different versions (at least for now). The issue will be out in February 2014 and can be preordered on my Web site now. The issue will also be listed in the December issue of Diamond's Previews for those of your who get the magazine through their local comic book shop. A big thanks to Kerry for taking the time out of his VERY busy schedule to deliver this FABULOUS cover!