Friday, January 18, 2013


I just came from my printer and they had more problems with the issue due to equipment failures and upon inspecting the issues I've decided to part ways with my printer. The drop off in quality is unbelievable since my last issue was printed. All the copies will be destroyed and I'm now awaiting bids from several other printers. I was already planning to move on after all the problems I've encountered with this issue, but I hoped I could at least get this issue out through them. But unfortunately the drop in quality was too much for me to accept.

What this means is it will now be sometime in February before the new issue is printed. Also, due to the lateness of this issue Diamond Comics will most likely cancel their order and I will probably have to resolicit it in Previews. So while subscriber copies and single issue orders (wholesale orders also) will ship when the issue is printed, it most likely won't be in comic stores until April or May. This is a real bummer for me but I refuse to accept a substandard product. Again, I apologize for the continuous delay but I really have no choice in the matter.

Finally, while this issue may be delayed, I'm already working on MFTV #32 and it's still scheduled to premiere at Monster Bash in July 2013. I'll keep you posted as things progress with #31.

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