Friday, January 27, 2012

Monsters from the Vault #31 Cover SneakPeek!

Another beautiful Daniel Horne painting is featured on the cover of Monsters from the Vault #31 which will be published in October 2012. The cover design (which is what brings everything together), as always, is by the Mighty Sorko! With the upcoming publication of MFTV #30, I’m trying to get Monsters from the Vault on a regular schedule, so expect to see a new issue every spring and fall. As you know The Bride of Frankenstein is my favorite film so to continue on with the coverage of the film that started in issue #28 (which featured the Monsters's mate on the cover, and is a perfect companion to this cover), first-time MFTV contributor, John McElwee (Greenbriar Picture Shows Blog) looks at the Ballyhoo that helped promote the film during its original release as well as re-releases over the years. Greg Mank returns to our pages with a look at the James Whale film, One More River (1934). While the film is not horror, since it's directed by Whale and features Colin Clive and Lionel Atwill, I figured it would be a perfect fit for MFTV. The film has rarely been seen (it aired on TV for only second time in January on Turner Classic Movie's James Whale Tribute). Rounding out the issue is Gary Rhodes' article on the 1947 Bela Lugosi Film, Scared to Death, and excerpt from Candace Hilligoss's upcoming memoir on the making of Carnival of Souls, and Cleaver Patterson's article on the Boris Karloff film, The Sorcerers (1967). All this plus DVD and book reviews. One final note on the painting, when Daniel Horne decided to start painting monster portraits, this was the very first painting he ever did. Talk about hitting it out of the park on the first try! It's one of the only paintings he still owns and it hangs in his studio.


  1. Looks like another great issue, Jim! Amazing that Mr. Horne hung on to one of his earlier pieces. By the looks of it, I'm sure he's glad he did now.

  2. When will this issue appear in Previews?