Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rob Zombie, Monster Kid!

On July 20th, as part of my week-long birthday celebration, Marian and I went to see Rob Zombie in concert in Reading, PA. Zombie was touring on a co-headline tour with Slayer as part of the Hell on Earth Tour. This is the fourth time we've seen Zombie in concert in the past year and a half, and he remains our favorite performer today. His live show is truly a Monster Kid's paradise, with Universal Monsters appearing on the big screens that adorn his stage throughout his performance. This show was the first to feature a new stage curtain (at least for us) that covered the front of the entire stage before dropping as the band kicked into its opening number. I've attached a couple of photos of the curtain as well as a YouTube video I shot of his encore (Dragula) with this post. The photos and video were taken with my iPhone, so while they're not the greatest, you'll get the idea. If you like Rob Zombie's music, I highly recommend that you try to catch him in concert--believe me, you won't be disappointed!

Huge King Kong Stage Curtain

Let the show begin!

My Other Rob Zombie Concerts

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