Saturday, May 14, 2011

Diabolique Magazine

Along with Undying Monsters, there's another new magazine on the market that I urge you to give a try. Diabolique magazine began as an online publication titled Horror Unlimited in September of 2010. The magazine was published by Horror Unlimited and was a available at their Web site as a free download. Starting with issue #2 the magazine was available as both a downloadable version (for a fee or as part of a subscription) or as a print version.

I decided to give the magazine a try and I'm extremely happy I did. The full-color magazine is beautifully designed and well written. Publisher Dima Ballin and Editor Robert J. E. Simpson have hit the ground running and have produced a wonderful magazine from the get go. While definitely not a classic horror magazine in the style of Monsters from the Vault, each issue covers Hammer (both old and new) along with other films from the 60s until present day. As they're motto says:
The magazine that challenges our understanding of Gothic Horror in film, literature, history, and art. Diabolique magazine is as challenging as it is entertaining.
So if you're a fan of Gothic and Euro Horror, I urge you to go to Horror Unlimited and order your copy of Diabolique magazine today! Diabolique is published bi-monthy. (Be aware that since the magazine covers not only Hammer, but Euro Horror also, there's a limited amount nudity in the issues. However, it's no more than you'll find in an issue of Little Shoppe of Horrors.)

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